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Want to transform your social skills?

ONLY 80 Seats Available

Learn How to Speak To Anyone At Anytime and Become Socially Masterful...

Want to transform your social skills?

Attend In Person In LOS ANGELES


Online On ZOOM From Anywhere In The World

This is a ONE TIME ONLY Event

Learn How to Speak To Anyone At Anytime and Become Socially Masterful...

Learn the skills that allow anyone to express themselves fully, whilst removing social awkwardness (even for introverts) ...

Get the skills that allow anyone to express themselves fully, whilst removing social awkwardness (even for introverts) ...


You Can Attend In Person In LOS ANGELES


Online Via Zoom From Anywhere In The World


This is a FULL DAY 1pm-6pm event on August 28th

This event is ONE TIME only there will be NO replay, NO recording and NO repeat

Brought To you by The World's #1 Social Skills Expert, Julien Blanc
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All New Content, ONE TIME Only Event 

No replays, no recordings

Attend in person: LOS ANGELES

Attend online via Zoom: Anywhere in the world

Event strictly limited to 80 people ONLY

How Different Would Your Life Look This Year If You Could Break Free Of Social Awkwardness & Express Yourself Fully & Unapologetically?

These Social Skills Strategies Have Been Responsible For Making My Own EPIC Social Transformation And The Collective Social Transformations For 10,000's Of My Clients All Over The World... 

And Now I’m Revealing The Intricate Details Of My "Social Skills Mastery Roadmap" For The First Time In Front Of An Intimate Live Audience!

From The Desk of Julien Blanc

If you’d like windfalls of social confidence, chemistry and the ability to command and hold attention 'like a natural' whenever you enter into a new group of people, a party, a workplace or even a business networking event regardless of your past experiences, whether you are an introvert or if you consider yourself shy... 

Then this might be the most important opportunity you’ve come across to-date…

And in a minute I’ll share why.

But, before I do… I must warn you..

What I’m About To Share ISN’T For Everyone...

In fact, to-date I’ve only shared these underground strategies with a select group of other ambitious individuals who will accept nothing less than having a rich and fulfilling social life.

The TRUTH Is That...

While most people struggle to put all the pieces together on growing their social skills wrestling with what to say, feeling awkward and not sure why it's hard to make friends or have more social opportunities…

There’s a behind-the-curtain, underground group of us taking advantage of a little-known “unorthodox art” that allows us to:

Go from 'small talk' to meaningful friendship or relationship with ease

 Silence the feeling of intimidation and remove social awkwardness when entering a new social setting and instead take control of it to become the centre of attention

 Meet, maintain and nurture new friendships that are eagerly awaiting to make plans and invite you to different social settings.

Plus, we do this all without having to become extroverted, superficially or situationally confident, or become someone we're not which means we’re not spending our time only to fall into the trap of 'fake it till you make it', these are life long social skills that stand the test of time. 

Less than 2% of the world's population truly delves deep into mastering social skills, which equips this small group with an unfair advantage in all walks of life. Which you can now be apart of too.


I have spent many years and millions of dollars in mistakes to compile the lessons I'm going to teach at this event.

In case you don’t know me…

There's One Man That The Social Coaches Call When They Need Guidance...


I’m a Swiss-born, U.S.-based self-help speaker, entrepreneur and social skills coach.

For 10+ years I’ve been traveling around the world and have personally coached thousands of clients face to face helping them identify and rapidly improve their social skills.

Empowering them to kill off the “old” versions of themselves so they could create massive success in their lives.

I've seen up close the joy that having a fulfilling social life can make as well as tragedy and loss that can cripple men and women from not expressing themselves fully. 

I've seen steady streams of business success that many will never experience and spells of drought that close doors and make babies go to bed hungry that could have been fixed with proper social skills training... 

Not only have I seen these hardships through my family as I grew up, but I also experienced them first hand when I went from a shy kid in a small town and moved all the way to LA.

It took me years of frustration and uncertainty and just accepting that it was “part of the who I was” before I took it upon myself to find solutions that eased my social anxiety, awkwardness and even at times, a very lonely existence.

No Matter What I Tried,
My Social Life Didn't Grow The Way I Thought

It even got to the point I was ready to just give up...

Trial and error, practice and failure.

Money spent on coaches and mentors, money lost. 

The same people showing the same recycled methods I already knew.

I was watching the "popular" people continually create a social life of my dream easily and I was frustrated... then it dawned on me! 

This is so simple, why hadn't I noticed before that some of these same things will work for people like us!

I tested and confirmed… Tested and confirmed… 

“This works…”

 “That works…” 

“ooh, this doesn't work right now, but maybe soon…”

I Learned That “Knowing About Social Skills” Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg!

I know, a big shock to personal development junkies everywhere

But after dissecting the entire process…

And realizing that I was going around in circles…

I discovered what most people fail to understand…

Especially because their news feeds are filled with instant gratification and distractions

What if I told you that you don’t have a social problem…

A confidence problem…

Or even a communication problem…

Would you believe me?

Better yet…

What if the only thing holding you back from:

Getting the fulfilling social life of your dreams

Building a big social circle and network

 Meeting new people, commanding any social group and feeling confident to talk to anyone, anywhere at any time

Came down to one simple well-executed process.

Like a "scientific formula" kind of process.

To Help You Understand How To ACTUALLY Talk To Strangers & Destroy Social Awkwardness...

9 out of 10 times, the reason why most people NEVER get to fulfill their ideal life (emotionally, professionally, romantically, etc) is due to being held back by a lack of social skills…

For example: you see that great job opportunity…

Or you see that person you’re really attracted to…

Or you go back to a family reunion and…

Suddenly we feel the symptoms: Anxiety, Self Doubt, “I’m not good enough,” "what do I say"

That’s a result of not having the right social skill set. And it CAN be learned

These Social Skillsets & Systems Are Little Known And Very Rarely Ever Taught...

A Bulletproof Social Skillset Includes:
 Learning How To Feel Confident In Your Own Skin
 Learning Both The Emotional Skills & Also Analytical Skills
 How To Start A Conversation
 How To Keep A Conversation Going
 How To Connect During A Conversation
 How To Get Your Point Of View Across In A Conversation
 How To Engage With One Person Or A Group Of People
 How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say
 Build Improvisational Skills

You Will Learn All This & More At The Social Skills Event

"The Social Skills Mastery Event 2021"

The Social Skills Mastery Event is a LIVE In-Person event on August 28th where you’ll spend a FULL day with me where I'll teach you:

How To Create & Adopt The Right Social Skills For An Epic, Rich, Fulfilling Social Life

 How to stop telling yourself the lies that are keeping you socially constrained 

  How to use the most effective methods to-date to master social skills

Plus, you’ll even get the opportunity to watch me behind-the-scenes coach, train and transform the audience in front of you LIVE.

How Would Social Mastery Change Your Life?

For me, learning the entire path of mastering social skills hasn’t only been responsible for building an international business, speaking all over the world in front of 1,000's…

But it’s also made me extremely confident that if I had to start all over again from the shy kid in Switzerland…

I’d be able to use these same strategies to get my social life back up-and-running quickly…

Without having to worry about all of the moving parts of making social interactions work.

The truth is the world is making the average person obsolete.

Because socialisation is so easily obtained online.

The regular ways of growing a social life are a thing of the past.

What would getting the social life of your dreams do for you?

Do you think you could finally remove the burden of having to be perfect all the time or the feeling of being socially awkward?

Maybe even have new business success as well?

These Unorthodox Social Skills Strategies
Have Changed The Lives Of 10,000's Of Shy Introverts Into Confident Leaders. 

You can get the “insider access” to them…

And spend a full day with me and my “Secret Social Weapons”...

All for less than the price of that shiny new object that has your attention...

When You Get A Ticket To 
Social Skills Mastery 2021, You’ll Get:

See What's Included In The Tickets Below

General Admission Ticket

LIVE In Person In LA 


Attend From Anywhere In The World Online Via Our TV Quality Broadcast

General Admission Ticket

 A Full Day of social transformation and implementation with Julien, who specializes in creating social success for people like you!

 The unique experience of getting into a state of mind to grow your social skills with laser focused attention in an intimate small group setting

 The network growth alone at a like-minded event like this is worth ticket price by itself...

 Attend LIVE whether in person in Los Angeles or Zoom

Plus, When You Upgrade To V.I.P. You’ll Get Access To:

V.I.P. Ticket

LIVE In Person In LA 


Attend From Anywhere In The World Online Via Our TV Quality Broadcast

V.I.P. Ticket (Limited Availability)

 Early access to the event

 Front room seating

 Brush shoulders with the "who's who" at the event

 Attend LIVE either in person in Los Angeles or on Zoom

 LIFETIME Access To Julien Blanc's "Transformation Mastery" Digital Program

 BONUS: One Hour LIVE Group Zoom Coaching Session With Julien & The Other VIPs

And The Best Part?

The admission cost to the event is merely a fraction of the amount of value and even return that these skills can help you generate.

This Event Isn’t For Everyone...

And here’s why:

Not everyone is willing to bet on themselves enough to see actual growth in their mindset, skillset, and network.

Not everyone is able to commit to the entire path from the beginning of the process.

Not everyone is able to invest in the future of their life and build their social skills NOW, instead of "Sometime".

"Sometime" never comes.

This event will be unlike any othwe.

Don't regret not getting a ticket before the tickets sell out. There are only 80 seats available in person.

If you are in the LA area we recommend you attend live, but we know due to travel restrictions that may not be possible
So we have a TV quality online broadcast for you to stream in live from anywhere in the world

So if you’re ready to join me and 80 ambitious people just like you at the The Social Skills Mastery Event Of 2021…

Click the button below right now to claim your ticket:

What Social Skills Mastery Can Help You Do:

  • Finally ATTAIN The Social Life Of Your Dreams. With the right social skillset I have helped even the most hardcase socially awkward individuals turn their lives around and have a fulfilling social life. 
  • KILL OFF ANXIETY. The endless mental anxiety and low hum in your brain that’s constantly running the background, poisoning your life, crippling your actions, and destroying your happiness.
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Talk to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Attain the social confidence to be yourself fully and talk to anyone you desire, the confidence that very few ever truly achieve.
There’s a lot of woo-woo teachings in the world that ARE NOT actionable at all…

They’re surface level… they’re fluff designed to make you feel good…

… but NOT actually help you break free, so you can live differently...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Is The Social Skills Event For?
This event is for ambitious individuals that know there is more to life and that their social life may just be that missing piece. 
Q. Why should I take action and get my event ticket today?
We have a maximum of 80 tickets we are allowed to sell to this event. By now at the time of you reading this, a large portion of these are most likely gone. By learning these social systems and my methodology, you will be able to identify and harness the most advanced social skills in the world. This is a step by step, extremely practical approach to mastering your social life .
Q. What are the dates for the event, and where is it going to be?
The event takes place on August 28th at 1pm-6pm in Los Angeles
Q. Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.
Q. What do I need to bring?
A smile, a good attitude, and a passion for getting your social life to the next level. The event will be jam-packed with some of the most cutting edge techniques, so make sure to stock up on pens, paper, and something to keep you hydrated throughout the event so you don’t miss anything.
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